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  • Publication date: Sunday November 13, 2011
  • Publisher: BBC Enterprises
  • ISBN (Hardback): 978-0563362401
  • ISBN (Paperback): 978-0563209140

Free to Believe

by David Jenkins and Rebecca Jenkins

David Jenkins looks back over his first five years as the fourth most senior bishop in the Church of England. He discusses how his thoughts on the resurrection - labelled "a conjuring trick with bones" - were distorted by the media, and gives us his views on the virgin birth, the resurrection, whether or not God directly interferes with our world - the "laser beam God" - and Christianity's relationship with politics. In this book he explains how he came to be caricatured as "the unbelieving bishop" simply by exploring the faith. This honest and comprehensive account examines such subjects as media distortion, "literal" biblical truth and nature of love. It aims to sweep away traditional ideas and writes of a God who takes risks, and is often found to despair, but who always gives hope.

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