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Workout 1850s style...

Saturday June 1, 2013

The recent burst of sunshine has led me to dig the summer clothes out of the back of my wardrobe and I have been thinking about getting into shape.   The modern gym is a wonderful thing but I am an ordinary mortal.   I puff and I pant and I do more than glow. I yearn, sometimes, for a more elegant age.  I have been flicking through my copy of “Manly Sports, Exercises and Games” (1852 edition) for inspiration.  

(Although, due to my gender, I was never the authors’ intended market still....)


 I could invest in a bicycle – “a means of the most healthful and varied enjoyment that the Englishman possesses.” 

Except, I live at the bottom of a very steep hill and this machine, even if it is “the acme of mechanical ingenuity”, looks somewhat unstable.



 I could find a pole and climb it.

The man in the picture doesn’t make this look very comfortable. 

(I wonder about splinters &, besides - is it legal to go about hugging telephone poles?) 


Or I could practice swinging very large Indian Clubs.   

(I doubt I would have the upper body strength to pick up ones this size, unless they were made of foam.)

Or I could find a sturdy pole and do some pole leaping.

 It all looks rather exhausting.    I suspect I might find myself in need of some reviving Florida water.  Perhaps going to the gym is easier after all. 

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Thanks to Ms Rebecca Jenkins

Thanks for the wounder full Ms Rebecca Jenkins

From: selvin sebastin, Wednesday August 9, 2017

Jarrett Mysteries

Will there be a third book please?

From: Lucy, Wednesday July 19, 2017

Faith Morgan Mysteries

When can we expect book 4 in this series, I love this series and am anxious for book 4.
Have a Blessed day!
a happy reading in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

From: Deby Replogle, Thursday May 18, 2017

David Jenkins

Dear Rebecca (if I may) I have cause to give thanks for your father and am sad to hear of his death. While I was a parish priest near Richmond he was good enough to listen and discuss with me on many occasions in Cotherstone, and I would be very grateful to know when there is a thanksgiving\memorial service if you were able to email me? With very good wishes and thoughts to your family, Caroline Brownlie, Melbourn, Cambridgeshire.

From: Rev Caroline Brownlie, Monday September 5, 2016

Faith Morgan series

When can we expect book 4 in the Faith Morgan series

Hi Debra -

I have been told that there is a book 4 in the pipeline. I only wrote the first two books in the series and so unfortunately I can't tell you when it is due.

From: Debra, Thursday May 26, 2016